• Hello
    I ordered 2 t-shirts & received the Doems gold Dino shirt. However,I also ordered the ABC shirt (pqrst) and it wasn’t included.Is it back ordered or ?

    Vickye Turner
  • Update on my “Fun Fact”

    The owner of this site just updated their description for the item I wanted to purchase -

    “Personalization with your name..only one line of personalization in the space provided..or your name and date..only dates up to 1998 will be honored..” Of course the “only dates up to 1998 will be honored” is the newly added part.

    Personally, if I wanted to sell products to the public to support a cause – I would not have an exclusion on “who can buy which item” based solely on the year you entered the workforce.

    This is Age Discrimination as you obviously have to born during a specific period to be included in their group and to be sold specific items. I will be permanently excluded from their group since I did not enter EMS until after 1998.

    Until they change their policy – I will not buy any of their product/logo since it now represents Age Discrimination. If you entered EMS after 1998, you are just supporting a group that does not see you as an equal but lesser than an equal since you are excluded from certain products from their shop.

  • Fun Fact: “Order of the golden Dino elder plaque is based on the group Dinosaurs of EMS, therefore to be considered a dinosaur you would have to have started in EMS prior to 1998”

    My order was refunded since the person I ordered it for started his service in 2001.

    Apparently, “if [I] were a member of the group you would know that. Any date subsequent to 1998 is not a valid Dinosaur.” – I use quotes since this was the response I received via email.

    This fact is not disclosed on the item, nor is it stated anywhere on this site.

    So if you think these items are fun, please remember before purchasing they make no exceptions that you will ever be an officiated “Dino Elder” if you got into EMS after 1998.

    They just sell items for their exclusive “group”.

  • Any consideration for EMS coat buttons? I added a FD button to my jacket from a friend who passed along with his Maine EMS one. I would love to adorn mine with a DOEMS one.

    Mike Hilliard
  • Any thought to a dinosaur of EMS ball marker for golfing? The challenge coin is too big and heavy. Need something about the size of a nickel or smaller. Would also like to talk with someone about clip art for use in lectures.

    David Sanko

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